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Passionate About Sheep Hunting

Alaska Dall Sheep Guides is where good friends came together to make a great guide service in the backcountry of Alaska. 

Enjoy clean, modern camps with a Christian based team of guides and packers. We pride ourselves on providing first-class, fair-chase hunting opportunities for all of our clients. Our success rate is second to none. We believe in treating our clients and also our online employees exactly how we would like to be treated in regard to honesty, responsiveness, follow-through, and in going the extra mile to ensure that their hunts are better than they expected.

We realize hunting in Alaska requires a significant investment of time and money. From the novice sheep hunter to the annual visitor, our hunts are for everyone looking to have a great experience and a successful hunt.

E. Mont Mahoney
Registered Guide #1049
  • Alaska Resident

  • Retired Alaska Airlines Captain

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