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ALAska-yukon moose

All of our Moose hunts take place in the early fall as the bulls begin to enter the rut. Our moose hunts take place in large valleys surrounded by mountains where you have plenty of high points to glass from. The minimum size moose is 50" or any bull with 4 or more brow tines on at least one side

8-day Fully Outfitted 1x1 Guided Hunt including packers

Open Moose Season : *Not currently offered

Over-the-counter tag and harvest ticket


Wrangell-St. Elias national preserve

Our exclusive guide use concession in the Wrangell's is home to some of the most amazing country in Alaska. This area is located close to Canada and his home to tremendous trophies

We have secured this hunting area to provide our clients with the best opportunity to experience the true Alaska wilderness and take trophy animals.

Your Own pilot

After you arrive in Anchorage, you will continue your journey to a remote airstrip in our hunting area via a Cessna 207 air charter. From there, you will be in our care. We operate our own Piper Super Cub airplanes to make sure you are safely brought into spike camp to meet your guide. This will also allow you to move camps if needed and relocate with ease.


Moose pricing

2024 Season : No Hunts Offered (please call)

Arrival point is Anchorage, Alaska or Tok, AK


Moose tags and harvest tickets are available over-the-counter. Purchase your license, tag, and harvest ticket online at

Please contact us for more details

Outfitter Mont Mahoney : 907-360-6190

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